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  • 轩辕剑: 剑之源 国际版
  • 轩辕剑: 剑之源 国际版
  • 轩辕剑: 剑之源 国际版
  • 轩辕剑: 剑之源 国际版
  • 轩辕剑: 剑之源 国际版
Description of 轩辕剑: 剑之源 国际版

In 2021, the brand new PRG mobile game with explosive welfare placement cards is adapted from the IP authorized of 9 Xuanyuanjian works, highly restored Xuanyuanjian series, more than 100 characters for you to choose! There are also ten artifacts such as Xuanyuanjian, Nuwa Stone, and Donghuangzhong to help control the battlefield. The lineup is flexibly matched, and you can enjoy hearty strategic battles!

===FB booking activity benefits===
FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/xyjglobal
or directly search "Xuanyuan Sword: Sword Source International Edition" to enter!

======Game Features======
[Super high game benefits]
High explosive rate placing cards "Xuanyuan Sword: The Source of Sword", the first super popular placing card mobile game in 2021. Log in to get a variety of game packs and various welfare activities. Conscience SSR burst rate, ten consecutive draws must get SSR. Ten artifacts to control the field, combine the five-star partner Lightspeed to create a dream lineup!

[Quickly place a finger to upgrade]
Up to 46 hours! 46 hours long offline reward! Sleep until you wake up naturally, offline income is not discounted, and you can receive generous resources with one click! The game work does not go wrong, lie down and win, and you will become a new boss!

[Ten Artifact Strategy Matches]
yin and yang are born and the five elements are restrained. The meticulous combination of skills between the heroes, full of sense of strategy! There are also ten artifact control fields, resurrection flow, chopper flow, smashing armour flow... a variety of lineups to match!

[Multi-play adventure set off] A
thousand-year-old China reappears, an expedition journey of hundreds of levels, a thousand-layered trials of the sky, the realm of Xuanyuan Fu Molu, the exploration of fantasy stories, and rich rewards are waiting for you. The maze treasure hunting system integrates the leisure fun of Monopoly, the ground is full of resource rewards, and every grid is full of unlimited fun. There are also martial arts field, Shenzhou nine-day barrier, various material copies, sword finger peaks, heroes racing, iron cavalry martial arts, fairyland secrets...
diversified system gameplay and countless competitive content, let you Anytime, anywhere you want to play, you want to play!

[Hero rebirth experience conversion]
Some heroes don’t want to use it? Click Rebirth to transfer hero level and experience immediately! There are 6 chances to rebirth partners every day, 100% return upgrades, breakthrough materials, let you experience the thrill of playing different SSRs every day! !

======Contact us======
FB fan group: https://www.facebook.com/xyjglobal
customer service mailbox: customer_service@shiyuegame.com

Version history 轩辕剑: 剑之源 国际版
New in com.xyjjzy.xmgp 1.0.13
1. 优化了整体性能
2. 优化了伙伴招募体验
3. 开放账号绑定、抽卡分享福利活动
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